The Extension Method™ strips away the tulle and satin to reveal the muscle of classical ballet technique. An accessible workout for everyone, regardless of dance or fitness background, this program challenges every aspect of fitness.

Conceived by Jennifer Nichols, professional dancer and fitness specialist, The Extension Method™ combines the fundamentals of classical ballet technique with athletic conditioning to impart the strength, posture, ease of movement and sculpted physique of a dancer.

The method is adapted for group sessions as well as individually tailored programs. With a curriculum of 9 unique classes, each one designed to target different fitness goals and areas of the body, your workout is COMPLETE with the Extension Method™’s comprehensive program.



Jennifer Nichols

Meet the founder

Jennifer Nichols is a choreographer,  professional dancer,  and founder/director of the Extension Method and co-owner of its affiliate culture and fitness retreat company, Extend Retreats.  She is co-artistic director of the dance entertainment firm Hit and Run Dance Productions and its media division, Moving Target Media.

The Extension Method was founded in 2003 and its acclaim has spread across Canada and internationally.  In addition to its fitness programming at the Extension Room, the method has been applied to elite sport.  Jennifer has worked extensively with Synchro Canada and Synchro Ontario, as well as the Granite Club synchronized swimming and figure skating clubs.

For stage, Jennifer has been commissioned as choreographer and dancer by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Toronto Summer Music Festival, Oregon Summer Music Festival, Esprit Orchestra, the Canadian Art Song Project,  FAWN Chamber Creative and the Art Gallery of Ontario.  As choreographer she has also created works for Against the Grain Theatre, the Glenn Gould School, Opera 5 and the Bicycle Opera Project.  She has been commissioned by Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra as director of the Hausmusik production ‘Traversée’, and danced with Opera Atelier ballet for ten years.

For television and film, Jennifer holds Head Choreographer and dance/script consultant credits for the Netflix ballet school drama series ‘Tiny Pretty Things’.  She also holds choreographer credits for ‘Reign’ (CW), ‘Titans’ (DC Universe), ‘Frankie Drake’ (CBC), ’Salvation’ (CBS), ‘Mary Kills People’ (Global TV), ‘Falling Water’ (USA Network), ‘Transylvania’ (CW), ‘Jack Reacher’ (Amazon), ‘Pine Sol’ (Bell Media) as well as the feature film ‘Barney’s Version’ (Serendipity Point Films).


Jenn's classes have helped me get physically, mentally and spiritually in shape. It's great to have a place where you can focus on yourself, with great knowledgeable instructors.

Marissa Richmond, student

As an experienced dancer, I have struggled to find a barre class in Toronto that I find enjoyable and challenging, while also relaxed and energizing. The experience that Jen and her staff of talented dancers have created is truly unique. I love going to these classes as they allow me to practice technique, while also pushing myself physically to build more muscle and strength by going back to the basics and having fun!

Christy Prada, student

I have been in love with the Extension Method ever since my first class two years ago. I had been searching for a way to switch up my work-out routine and classes here achieve the perfect balance between a fun and challenging workout. Not only do I enjoy these classes, but I find myself stronger and in better cardiovascular shape. I look forward to attending them more for years to come!

Sara Schabas, student

Extension Room is great -- the instructors are excellent and the classes are full of variety and are an effective workout. I've tried ballet fit and barre type classes elsewhere and they don't compare.

Aiden Stanley, student

It has been an absolute pleasure attending Jennifer Nichols' classes. There is real knowledge behind her practice and it is a joy to experience. I feel incredible after class and it is so fulfilling to feel all that work and fire created during class immediately. Thank you for creating such a beautiful space where there is a true sense of the art of ballet.

Lauren Sharpe, student

As a former dancer, and now exercise junkie - The Extension Room has become one of my favourite studios offering the best array of classes to get a good sweat while filling my creative soul! I live between Los Angeles, Toronto and LA and this studio is truly one of a kind. Taught by dancers, with a lot of experience in teaching and kinesiology, this is a super fun, safe and sweaty way to workout. Big fan, and highly recommend this studio to workout enthusiasts.

Michelle Calvert, student

I am such a big fan of the classes taught at the Extension Room because while you get a very intense workout, they are not so overwhelming for someone who does not have a dance background. All the instructors are really upbeat and great at explaining proper form. It really feels like you are building better posture while getting an awesome workout. Great studio and a really fun alternative to the gym.

Alina McLeod, student

Love at first sight. I never loved exercise until I found Jenn and the Extension Method. It started because Jenn creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for all levels of fitness. And now I’m addicted because not just my body, but also my mind, are challenged and energized by every class.

Sue Timmins, student

The Extension Room classes are both fun and challenging. The routines are well thought out, music is great, instructors are clear, enthusiastic and very inspiring. Jenn listens to her clientele and offers classes that suit their needs and makes every effort to make you feel at home.

Merle Anne Ridley, student

Jenn and The Extension Room have been constant in my life since shortly after her move to the Eastern Avenue location. She’s that rare twinning of consummate professionalism and heady, infectious enthusiasm. She loves what she does and she’s very good at what she does and her classes reflect that. l'll follow Jenn anywhere.

Christine Peterson, student

Five months of various Instagram and Zoom offerings have only served to confirm that the Extension Method is the ultimate badass workout of all time! I will follow you anywhere, anytime.

Alison Schwartz, student

"It's sometimes hard to find adult ballet classes that are challenging yet not geared towards professionals. But this studio fits the bill. The teachers are welcoming and give good feedback. I will come again."

Kaitlin Biggar, student

"Not only are Jennifer and her instructors leading us in an amazing, motivating workout, but I'm back into dance, where my heart belongs."

Donna O'Connor, student

"It is just too easy to share some positive thoughts about extension room! In my many years of fitness classes, never have I enjoyed a workout as much as I do Jenn Nichols' allegro bootcamp! A challenging full body workout choreographed to upbeat music in a beautiful dance space. I love this class!”

Chandy Green, student