Do I need to have experience in dance or barre to attend these classes?

Absolutely not! None of our Extension Method ballet fitness classes require any experience before attending. We have a range of levels in these classes, and there are options to make the exercises more challenging or less. Everything is broken done and explained to help you better understand each movement as you progress through the class, and the emphasis is on achieving a safe, effective workout that is styled on ballet technique, as opposed to ‘perfecting’ each step as a professional dancer would aim to do. You will experience an authentic, technical ballet workout, but one that it accessible to everyone. And you’ll have fun doing so!

For those with zero dance experience, we also recommend attending the Absolute Beginner Ballet classes as a compliment to the Extension Method program. These classes break down each ballet step slowly and thoroughly, from the very beginning. The knowledge you'll gain here can then be applied to the ballet fitness classes.

It is my first time attending class; what should I wear?

Simply whatever you normally wear to work out in (most people wear what they would to a yoga or Pilates class, rather than ballet attire), and we recommend barefoot or grip socks. For classical ballet classes we recommend ballet slippers or socks with no grip. Most importantly, make sure you can move without restrictions and be comfortable!

What type of equipment or space is required to attend the online classes from home?

We know that not everyone happens to have an ideal ‘dance space’ in their home! All of our classes can be adapted for the home environment, and as long as you have enough room to extend all four limbs in each direction you should be fine with respect to space. Don’t have a built in ballet barre in your living room? No problem. The back of a couch, counter top, or back of a chair braced against a wall will suffice. If you happen to have a balcony, the railing is ideal, and you’ll enjoy your barre workout with a great view!

Here are a few other helpful pieces of equipment (not required for most classes/workouts):

  • set of light weights (1-4 pounds max); substitute water bottles, soup cans, jars of preserves
  • a mat; substitute towel or blanket
  • gliders; substitute two wash cloths or hand towel
  • theraband or elastic tube fitness band
  • weight bearing step or staircase