Personal Training & Private Coaching

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Private lessons may be booked for those wishing to spend additional time on focused and tailored work, whether the goal is to meet personal fitness and conditioning goals, or to hone ballet technique and artistry. Classes are designed specifically for each student’s needs.

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Extension Method Classes


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Allegro Ballet Bootcamp


Allegro: A term applied to all bright, fast or brisk movements.

Our signature class, Allegro Ballet Bootcamp defines all elements of classical ballet in a dynamic, intense workout conducted away from the barre. Cardiovascular and muscular endurance are the focus in this fun, high energy workout. Jeté, pirouette, and grand battement your way to a dancer’s powerful, resilient body!

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Barre 101


Barre: Referring to the exercises that are performed at the barre at the beginning of a ballet class.

The ultimate barre fitness workout, this class guides participants through a full hour series of the traditional classical ballet barre with a fitness twist. Using the barre as a tool for developing balance and strength on one leg, this class fine tunes muscles in isolation and allows for focus on pelvic and spinal alignment. Barre 101 does not simply use the barre as a prop, it follows the detailed structure and technique of a professional dancer’s warmup.

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Développé Ballet Sculpt


Développé: Developed with control; in ballet, a smooth, gradual unfolding of the leg.

Conducted with a focused and controlled pace, Développé Ballet Sculpt brings attention to alignment, correct posture, and muscular endurance. A standing centre practice of adage with light weights is followed by a floor barre and detailed lower body mat work. This class challenges balance and hones the long, lean dancer shape.

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Classical Core & Port De Bras (Abs & Arms)


Core: The central, innermost, or most essential part of anything. Port de Bras: The technique of positioning and moving the arms in ballet; the correct carriage of the arms.

Designed to develop the supple, strong core and sculpted, lean arms of a ballet dancer, Classical Core & Port de Bras isolates the small muscles traditionally overlooked in most fitness programs. Using aids such as resistance bands and light weights, this class encourages the use of intrinsic muscles to develop balanced strength and definition rather than mass. Discover why Swan Lake is harder on the arms than the legs…well, almost.

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Adagio Ballet Stretch

Adagio: A tempo having slow movement; restful, at ease.

Using classical ballet’s timeless strategies for extending range of motion, Adagio Ballet Stretch is a gentle class which progresses through a series of stretches on the mat and the ballet barre. Participants discover new strategies for releasing tension, increasing flexibility and developing healthy posture. This class focuses on the coordination of musical phrasing and breath to help you move deeper into each stretch, side bend and plié.

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Double & Mixed Bill


Double Bill: A mixed program with two main features.

This class is the ideal balance for those looking to fit a little bit of everything into their workout for the day. Structured in two parts, the first half of the class focuses on highlights of the Allegro Ballet Bootcamp, followed by selections from Developpe Ballet Sculpt. A perfect blend of cardio and sculpt, this is an efficient way to tackle all fitness elements in one class.

Mixed Bill: A mixed program with a variety of features.

Similar to Double Bill, Mixed Bill is ideal for those who like variety and to be kept ‘on their toes’…
This class takes exercises from across the Extension Method™ program and mixes it up each time. From cardio to sculpt, core to barre, who will never know where the journey will lead! Hitting all aspects of fitness, it is the perfect way to fit all goals into one workout!

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La Ronde


Ronde: A dance in the round; ronde de jambe – circle of the leg.

This ‘ballet on the ball’ class incorporates a stability ball to greater challenge balance and pelvic alignment through a series of ballet enchainments. La Ronde uses spherical, circular movement to develop spatial awareness and postural strength. Students use the ball for supported leg extension and hip opening exercises, challenging balance and upper body strength. The class concludes with an invigorating, deep stretch sequence, using the support of the ball to open the chest and release the back and hips.

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Classical Ballet Technique Classes

Absolute Beginner Ballet & Beginner Ballet Plus+


Absolute Beginner Ballet:  This class provides a truly introductory experience, for those stepping into the world of ballet with absolutely NO background. From establishment of basic positions and vocabulary comprehension to exploration of safe muscular engagement and alignment, Absolute Beginner Ballet is the platform on which to begin to build a ballet foundation.

Beginner Ballet Plus+:  this class is ideal for beginners who feel they have ‘graduated’ from Absolute Beginner yet don’t quite feel ready for Intermediate. This class is the natural next step, while still remaining accessible for beginners.

Building on their initial foundation of knowledge with basic positions, vocabulary, and barre work, students will progress to slightly more complex patterns, new steps and simple exercises in the centre.  

Beginner Ballet Plus+ is also a great class for those who have studied ballet in the past and wish to return to the basics for a refresher course!  

Level 1 Ballet


The next step in your ballet journey begins here. After establishing a basic foundation, this class will present you with new steps and longer exercises to challenge your body and memory. Work will progress from the barre to centre practice.

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